Reviews for Without Any Warning: Samantha Jamison Mystery

“Without Any Warning is a fine suspense novel and an excellent sequel to The Puzzle. Like its predecessor, it flows easily and moves quickly to an ending, which is completely out of left field. By no fault of her own, Samantha gets dragged into a suspense mystery while attempting to relax. A simple premise, but one that easily makes for a good story and has all manners of twists and turns. That is what a mystery is supposed to do – keep you guessing.”

“You have done it again, Ms. Edelheit! Every twist and turn in Ocean City, New Jersey, was chock full of why, who and maybe…so I knew I was looking forward to another surprise ending and was not disappointed.”

“A very enjoyable follow up to ‘The Puzzle’ by Ms. Edelheit. The cast of characters are each very entertaining in their own way and you can’t wait to see who does or says what next!! The chapter titles (catch up…ketchup-my favorite) are unique and catchy as are the locations, ex. Uncle Bill’s Pancakes, which ring familiarity to us all. Ms. Edelheit has a talent for making you feel like you are present and part of the story. She has a splendid imagination & I am looking forward to more peaceful,quiet (?)writing adventures of Samantha’s in the future. thanks for the great read!”

 “This book was a great way to catch up with some old friends from The Puzzle, and also it was great to be introduced to a new set of characters. This book was even funnier than the first and was really entertaining and a light read.”

 “Without Any Warning” kept me reading into the early morning hours much like the first book and I look forward to Edelheit’s next Samantha Jamison mystery.”

 “After enjoying Edelheit’s first book, The Puzzle, I was excited to see the release of a sequel, Without Any Warning, and was not disappointed. The dialogue is never stilted or pretentious, and it was a joy to see the return of many of the first novel’s characters, including the trio of aging, book-loving and fashion-challenged friends. They play against type as culturally savvy and armed amateur sleuths who give new meaning to the term ‘gal-pals’.”

 “In a word, “Without Any Warning” is “Refreshing”!!! How fun! I really love the new Samantha Jamison series. The author has the ability to make you feel that you are truly a part of the story!”

Reviews for The Puzzle: Samantha Jamison Mystery 

“I truly enjoyed reading this book; when I put it down, I couldn’t wait to pick it up and read more. I recommended this book to several friends. I loved how the author, almost at the end of every chapter, had me, the reader, trying to put the pieces of “The Puzzle” together; I loved how the author had questions at the end of almost every chapter; it was almost like the author was sitting next to me and pushing me to think of what the answers might be.”

“Mrs. Edelheit’s writing style is both vividly descriptive and well-paced, capturing her audience and drawing them into her enigmatic world of murder and drama. Overall, The Puzzle keeps readers guessing from beginning to end, and is a must-read for those who love a good mystery. Kudos to Mrs. Edelheit; such writing begs for a sequel!’

“The Puzzle offers an interesting perspective of the suspense genre in that the main character (Samantha) is a novelist and her story in real life becomes her novel. A nice change of pace from the standard lawyer’s perspective of suspense.”

“This is a gem of a novel. From the first page it zips along enveloping you in the mysteries of a death and the loose ends of a truncated marriage. The author has a wonderful ear for easy-flowing dialogue, which helps to make this mystery the page-turner that I found it to be. Characters were beautifully drawn including the idiosyncratic and endlessly interconnected secret-keepers who populate all small towns.”

 “While reading this book, I found it very hard to put down! Ms. Edelheit’s use of grammar, style of writing, and creating and building a plot with such suspense kept me so involved in this novel. I found that I could not figure out the outcome until I read it. I was pleased with the pace of the book, and the queries made by Samantha of all of the characters she came to be involved with.”

 “Just when I thought I knew the answer something or someone else would be introduced to the plot to make me again question what I thought was the answer. The author wove a wonderful web of suspense. I found it difficult to put the book down. You do not know the ending until the ending. I was sorry to have it end. It was a book I really enjoyed and found difficult to put down.”


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