Peggy A. Edelheit is the author of fourteen books: twelve mysteries in the Samantha Jamison series, one memoir called The Riviera Is Burning, and one contemporary romance mystery called Caché, Caché. She loves writing stories, both non-fiction and fiction, and revealing the truth—or her version of it. (And yes, many incidents in her books did happen—she’s just not admitting which ones and how much!) Peggy is an avid reader and accomplished author who spends her days—and nights—dreaming and writing about all things mystery.

Peggy has devoured books since she first learned to read, even as child with a flashlight under her bed sheets past her bedtime. As an adult, nothing has changed, minus the flashlight of course!

After raising her family, working alongside her husband in the company business, and tutoring the learning disabled, in 2012 Peggy made her dream a reality by self-publishing her first mystery novel. The novel’s setting was based on her log home in Highlands, North Carolina, where she sat on the back porch and plotted for hours, wondering how a young widow would react after the mysterious, unsolved death of her husband. Peggy discovered she loved writing mysteries from the first-person point of view, and the Samantha Jamison series was born.

Book 12 in the series, Write Yourself Out of This One, will be released soon!

Peggy has traveled the world, from Europe to Asia, even at one point owning a villa on the French Riviera, which played well into two of her books: her memoir, The Riviera Is Burning, and book three of her Samantha Jamison mystery series, 86 Avenue du Goulet. She resides in Florida and spends intervals visiting New Hope, Pennsylvania, where she has based many of her books.

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