Now available on Amazon – Cache, Cache

Words count, hold power. Use them wisely.

Did he? Did she?

In this romance mystery, secrets/questions blindside Sarah hard.

She is a national bestselling mystery author. Her books have sold millions of copies. At the height of her success and fame, tragedy strikes—the worst of blows—something she never expected.

“My death frees us both, Butterfly. Caché, caché…” These are her husband’s last spoken words on his deathbed. He hands her a golden key, then the love of her life, David passes from this world to the next.

What does he mean? Frees them both from what? Confused, torn, and hurt…Sarah becomes consumed by this mystery. She is driven by a terrible desire to solve it, but she can’t question a dead man, can she? Instead, she must look at their past and her own. What terrible secret is out there, waiting to be dug up? Can she handle what she will uncover? Does she even want to know the truth?

With a handful of clues, including a secret note and the key, Sarah must work to solve this mystery and decode her husband’s final words. Confusion, love, and heartbreaking regrets only scratch the surface.

Cache, Cache is a contemporary romance/mystery. If you enjoy an original story, then you will love Edelheit’s newest book filled with choices taken and those not taken.

And what about fate? Does that play in all this?

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