Author Peggy Edelheit Interviewed by Jill Edmondson

peggyJill Edmondson has conducted an interview with Peggy Edelheit, author of the Samantha Jamison Mystery novels, on her blog site Sasha Jackson Mysteries.

Here is an excerpt:

“Jill:  WOW! You’ve released five Samantha Jamison Mysteries between 2009 and now (busy gal!)  Do you ever feel like taking a break, or is the momentum what keeps you going?

Peggy:  To me writing is like breathing. I can’t live without it. My only small break is to mentally contemplate my next mystery, having already let the reader know at the end of the one before where it was going next. The characters are my driving force. I love their unpredictability. I might do a Volume 5 ½ though as a brief pause, so to speak. The subject? Ah, another mystery!”

To read the rest of this interview, please visit Sasha Jackson Mysteries

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6 Responses to Author Peggy Edelheit Interviewed by Jill Edmondson

  1. Magdalene says:

    I’m so happy for your writing success & great interviews! Can’t tell you how proud I’m am of you, you have surely come a long way. May you continue with much success. Your family must be proud of you as well as your wonderful sons and husband.
    Your friend, Madeline

  2. Joyce says:

    Your joy shines through in your writing. Please continue putting pen to paper!

  3. Pat Cervellero says:

    You are on the top of your game, Peggy Edelheit. Interview was straight and your answers were inspiring and motivating leaving readers with a “true blue” feeling about your personality. Very similar to Samantha Jamison. Easy to see you love what you are doing which account for a great deal of your success. Never stop pounding those keys when thoughts come to you…..we hope, as readers, you continue to write and write… must be so proud of yourself, as you should be. Looking forward to your next mystery…….

  4. Pat says:

    Loved this interview, especially as Peggy is recounting how she develops her story as it evolves as if her characters are in the room with her. Her energy comes through in this interview. So wonderful to read. Thank you!

  5. Pradeepa says:

    Excellent! please keep writing, would like to read more mysteries.

  6. Terri says:

    I am beginning the 5th novel and it don’t want it to end!! Please start writing the next one so I’ll have it to look forward to. Terri

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