Samantha Jamison Novels

Too Close For Comfort: Samantha Jamison Mystery 
(Volume 9) Now available on Amazon:

Samantha is back in physical rehab from her latest mystery and is approached by a potential client that leads her & her sleuthing cohorts back in time 10 years, back to a journal of hers to solve a mystery involving the present near an area known as the “Pine Barrens.” When sparks and innuendo fly between her & Tony, a new addition to the crew, it becomes Too Close For Comfort and more!

The Puzzle: Samantha Jamison Mystery 
(Volume 1)  Free on Amazon

Samantha makes her debut as my protagonist in this mystery, which takes place in Highlands, North Carolina. As a widow, Samantha Jamison, an author, revisits her husband’s past to solve the mystery surrounding his questionable death.

Originally, The Puzzle was meant to be a standalone novel, but by the end of the mystery, I knew I wasn’t finished telling Sam’s story. It would continue in a series when Sam realizes she enjoys and is fairly good at solving mysteries.

 Without Any Warning: Samantha Jamison Mystery 
(Volume 2)

Why did my friend disappear, and then a few years later mysteriously reappear on my doorstep? As an author, all I want to do is rent a house on the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey to write my next novel in peace and quiet. Unable to resist digging deeper, I am thrown into another web of intrigue, lies and cover-ups, involving two things from my past; one I thought I had closed the book on, and another whose book is mysteriously left open; two mysteries that I shockingly find are somehow connected. Without any warning, I am left to figure out why my storyline turns deadly with me caught in the crosshairs.

86 Avenue du Goulet: Samantha Jamison Mystery 
(Volume 3)

In between writing novels, all I wanted to do was visit a friend, enjoy the sun, the Mediterranean and the French Riviera.  Now I ask you, what could possibly be more exciting than that?  Think again.  She insisted I come sooner to help her and would explain why upon my arrival.  I agreed, but my vacation quickly became ensnared in a maze of misdirection, lies, digging up a history of buried secrets and intrigue.

A Lethal Time: Samantha Jamison Mystery 
(Volume 4)

I was beginning to question a lot, including my sanity for trying to find something I didn’t know anyone would steal in the first place. How did I end up in another complicated mystery involving a motorcycle rally, horses, a hidden collection, antique books, unexpected alliances, extortion, and threats upon my life? And how did I become a target? It was “A Lethal Time” and my time was running out. What secrets were they all afraid of me discovering?

Mouth Of The Rat: A Samantha Jamison Mystery
(Volume 5)

My name is Samantha. I’m a novelist who seems to fall into unusual mysteries and ends up becoming part of and writing about them. It has made me semi-famous for stirring up and getting into trouble. This one almost got away from me because I had about a week to solve it and began to think the unthinkable; maybe this one really was unsolvable. It involved a murder, drugs, an ex-wife, an antique car collection, and the FBI. More was going on than met the eye. I found that out the hard way.

The Riviera Is Burning
(Volume 5.5) 

The French term, Entr’acte means between the acts. In this case, it is a pause in my series, a brief intermission, so to speak, for a personal memoir of mine about fleeing the famous French Riviera fires.

Death Knell In The Alps
(Volume 6)

Why did Clay invite my crew and me on an expense-free skiing trip to the Swiss Alps?

Suspicion kicked in when this unusual invite turned to intrigue with a creepy in-your-face message that was left hanging in my shower.

Like many times before, it’s usually the why that always drew me in. This would be no ordinary vacation. What was next?

No Hope In New Hope
(Volume 7) 

This romantic rendezvous to New Hope was too convenient. We’re staying with who? No B&B? So in spite of one cagey, fine-looking gumshoe and this unexpected invite from friends of his, I’m skeptical. Of course, I’m suspicious of just about everything to begin with: hence the mystery novelist in me constantly stumbling into situations that didn’t necessarily serve my best interests. Would this be one of those occasions?

The Lush Life: Samantha Jamison Mystery 
(Volume 8) Now available on Amazon

 After selling their art gallery to someone else, Clay’s friends, Alicia and Chris Worth, decided to take their postponed trip to Europe for a month to collect some personal art. Clay promised them I’d housesit for them while he took on another case. They were offering me a cash bonus and their lush life.

The question is would I survive it?


14 Responses to Samantha Jamison Novels

  1. Thanks for the follow on Twitter. Your books look so interesting. I’m an NC native so I happen to love that local color…and, of course, I’m a sucker for a good mystery with a woman protagonist. Sounds like you have all the ingredients for success! Congratulations and every wish for a good holiday this year.

    • Deborah, Thank you for your comments. They are greatly appreciated. With each book, I am trying to show how my protagonist, Samantha, is growing and changing and taking chances she never thought possible. Thank you for your good wishes! Have a wonderful and safe holiday. Peggy

  2. Donna Zabicki says:

    I love your books and all the charactures. I am glad you do not go in for all the sex that some authors do and really does nothing for their story line. I like my mind to do the imagining. Samantha is gaining knowledge with each mystery she is in and I love the funny moments you write in. Some are laugh out loud funny! Keep up the good writing. I will be looking forward to all your books.
    P.S. Please do not get ride of Clay, he is too good to “write out”!

    • Donna,
      Sorry I missed your comment due to website problems. I am so glad your enjoying my books. Your support means so much to me. I had fun writing them, although now and then Sam has ideas of her own and I have to put my foot down. Don’t worry, I don’t think I will be writing Clay off anytime soon. He is the perfect sizzling hot/cold foil for Samantha. Thank you for your reviews, also. I really appreciate your take on my books. And thanks for stopping by.
      P.S. Keep an eye out for Vol. 5, The Mouth Of The Rat, coming out in the near future.

  3. Nancy Smith says:

    Hi, I have just finished reading the first five Samantha Jamison mysteries and absolutely loved them. I also just downloaded version 5.5 and look forward to reading that as well. I would like to know when the next Samantha Jamison book will come out?

    • Hi, Nancy.
      I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the Samantha Jamison Mystery Series so far and am looking forward to hearing your comments on what you thought of The Riviera Is Burning, my personal French memoir.
      As far as when Volume 6 will be released, I am hoping to get that mystery out by sometime this summer, but life has a way of slowing that process down from time to time. I also have to deal with some of my pushy characters, who are always trying to upstage each other with dialogue and stunts, but they never fail to keep it interesting. Sometimes I can’t type fast enough!
      Thanks for stopping by to share your comments. They are greatly appreciated.
      Regards, Peggy

  4. loving the concept of this series of books, hope to get around to reading or indeed review them at some point
    Good luck

  5. D. Lee Jortner says:

    These look like just my style. I love the simple covers also.
    I am working on my first “cozy” YA mystery, and appreciate all the work you have done to write so many. I look forward to reading them

    • Thanks so much for the compliments. I appreciate them. I do hope you enjoy the reads. They are all dear to my heart, like children…chuckle. Wishing you the best with your YA mystery pursuit.
      Warm regards, Peggy :)

  6. michelle curtis says:

    Peggy I have just finished reading your books and I was hooked can’t wait for your next one

    • Michelle,
      I’m so glad you have enjoyed my mysteries so far. It is so nice to hear from someone who has loved the series so much. It means a lot to me. I was laughing, writing and editing Volume 8 today. And as usual, Sam’s crew is caught up in another mystery with their clever sleuthing acumen. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping up with their dialogue and humorous one-liners…chuckle.
      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my blogs on my website.
      Warm regards, Peggy

  7. Susan Howell says:

    I have just finished the first five books of the series. I like Samantha Jamison and the little old ladies. How they are always getting into trouble and mischief. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

    • Susan,
      I’m so glad you are enjoying my mystery series. I’m finally catching up with emails and workload as I broke & fractured my ankle on August 5th researching my 8th mystery, The Lush Life, which has finally gone live on Amazon. Going down 150 narrow steps had its hazards… It’s so nice to hear from readers and so appreciate you taking the time to post your kind comments.
      Warm regards, Peggy

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